The publication of Paul Rothemund’s paper on DNA origami (Nature, March 16, 2006) marked a turning point in DNA nanotechnology, enabling unprecedented control over designed molecular structures.  This symposium is intended to honor Paul Rothemund’s contribution to the field and to survey the spectrum of inspiring research that it has lead to — and perhaps to give a glimmer of what is yet to come.

Talks will cover DNA nanotechnology, self-assembly and pattern formation, computational algorithms and software for origami design and analysis, applications in biology and biomedicine, applications in quantum physics, molecular motors and mechanical devices, biophysics and thermodynamics and kinetics, and more.

Organizing Committee and Program Committee

Ebbe Sloth Andersen, Aarhus University
Shawn Douglas, University of California San Francisco
Richard Murray, Caltech
Niles Pierce, Caltech
Lulu Qian, Caltech
Ned Seeman, New York University
William Shih, Harvard
Fritz Simmel, Technical University Munich
Erik Winfree (chair), Caltech

Surrounding the Symposium...

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Participation as a speaker is by invitation only. The workshop format will include 24 talks and ample time for informal discussion during the (optional) Monday banquet and during an (optional) hike on Wednesday. 


All are welcome, but please register online; venue seating is limited. There is a nominal $50 fee for the (optional) banquet; please pay by credit card on the registration site if you wish to come to the banquet. Paul Rothemund will be the banquet speaker. UPDATE: Registration is now closed. Unregistered individuals may still attend talks if seating is available.

Please email questions to lucinda@caltech.edu.

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